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Broken Promises- Foreclosures Hit Seniors

The McCleary lawsuit was about the state not paying it’s “fair share” of the K-12 education costs for the state schools. Local property owners had an unfair burden, paying too much. The State Supreme Court mandated the state increase its funding of “basic education” in order to reduce that local burden.

Over the past eight years, the legislature has doubled funding of K-12 education. It now consumes over half the budget. Here’s a graphic the legislature produced showing citizens the increase.

As part of that “solution” local property tax levies were supposed to decline. Incumbent Rivers was one of four legislators to craft the final McCleary solution. It is HER solution.

In multiple townhall events, incumbent Senator Rivers promised citizens they could expect a 30% reduction in their local tax levies.

Here is a quote from a Clark County Today news story.

“Rivers highlighted a 30 percent rebate in property taxes in 2019 that was ultimately approved, though she said the relief doesn’t go as far or come as fast as Republicans had hoped.”

Here is the graphic the incumbent showed, by school district, for your reduction in tax rates.

(Graphic courtesy of Clark County Today).

At one gathering of citizens, the incumbent said 30% was “the minimum” people could expect.

Sadly, the local property tax levy reduction, the “long term tax relief” promised by incumbent Rivers, who crafted the “solution” did not happen. The numbers are dollars per thousand of assessed value.

At a January 2020 citizen townhall at the Port of Camas Washougal, incumber Rivers admitted her solution had failed. “The most seniors who lost their homes due to high property taxes” was in Camas.

The Rivers McCleary solution failed. And people, especially our senior citizens, are paying an unacceptably high price. People should not lose their private property; they should not lose their homes due to the government taxing them too much.

It’s time for a change in Olympia. We can’t afford any more of incumbent Rivers failures.


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