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CAMAS, WA – Camas resident John Ley asks: “Where’s the value?” in how government serves the people. The people of the 18th Legislative District deserve a conservative option for their state senator. “I promise to ask ‘where’s the value’ in every government program, and about every dollar you send to Olympia. The people pay the bill, they expect efficient use of their money.”

Ley is well-known for his tenacious research on issues of local government spending. Most recently he fought the $78 million Camas pool bond, helping fellow citizens reject the outrageous expenditure by 90 percent. He has been a leader in battling Oregon’s outrageous tolling scheme to pick the pockets of SW Washington citizens. Ley supports new transportation corridors in the region, including new 3rd and 4th bridges across the Columbia River. Portland has a dozen bridges across the Willamette River, why should SW Washington citizens be limited to just two ways to cross the Columbia River?

The failed McCleary “solution” has been a disaster for local homeowners. State spending on K-12 education has doubled since the Jan. 2012 McCleary decision. Citizens were promised “long term tax relief” and “a 30 percent rebate in property taxes in 2019”. The promised reduction never happened. Citizens are paying more than ever. The incumbent Ann Rivers, who created the McCleary solution, admits “the most seniors who lost their homes were in Camas”, due to the high property taxes. She failed senior citizens on fixed incomes the most.

Gas taxes were raised to nearly the highest in the nation. Incumbent Rivers said it was the most difficult decision she’s made. She delivered state money for several 18th LD communities, including $25 million to replace the Camas Slough Bridge. But later, incumbent Rivers moved the $25 million to a Vancouver project. Today, the City of Camas is seeking $35 million to replace the Camas Slough Bridge – a 40% increase. Nobody should have to pay a second time (via another gas tax increase) to replace the Camas Slough Bridge and improve safety on this section of SR-14.

Oregon is presently seeking to resurrect the Columbia River Crossing (CRC), which was nothing more than “a light rail project in search of a bridge”. Paying $3.5 billion for a one-minute improvement in the morning commute was outrageous. The current Bi-State Bridge Committee is leading us down the same path, but to an even more expensive and disastrous result. Citizens need representatives willing to fight for traffic congestion relief. The recent Pemco survey indicated 94% of people desire to use their cars for transportation. The COVID-19 crisis drilled home the hazards of people crowding into buses, subways, or light rail trains. Transit ridership has declined precipitously as a result. People need common sense, cost effective transportation solutions and a representative who will fight for them.

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Photo of John Ley filing his candidate papers at the Clark County Elections office..


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