• John Ley

Pay Raises Despite Reality

On June 17th, Governor Jay Inslee issued a directive cancelling a July 1st 3% pay raise for about 5,600 state employees. But he allowed raises to go forward for an estimated 55,000 other state employees.

Think about that for a minute. At a time where nearly 2 million Washington citizens are unemployed; at a time when thousands of citizens have not yet received their unemployment benefits; at a time when his administration failed to prevent Nigerian scam artists from stealing hundreds of millions of the people’s money; Jay Inslee wants to reward government bureaucrats with pay raises because he refuses to cancel them.

Governor Inslee can issue "emergency orders" that require citizens to stay home. Governor Inslee can issue "emergency orders" that require businesses to shut down. Governor Inslee can issue "emergency orders" that requires private construction to shut down, but allows construction on government projects to continue. Governor Inslee can issue "emergency orders" that prevents citizens from getting "non-emergency health care". Governor Inslee can issue “emergency orders” that pick winners and losers in our state economy.

Then why can't Governor Inslee issue an "emergency order" cancelling ALL state employee pay raises?

Washington state was expecting a $7 BILLION budget shortfall. Within hours of Governor Inslee’s announcement, the state announced the shortfall would be $8.8 Billion. Governor Inslee and his administration couldn’t prevent Nigerian scam artists from stealing hundreds of millions of dollars of our citizens unemployment benefits. Governor Inslee hasn’t been able to serve huge numbers of our unemployed citizens. At one point, over 300,000 citizens were waiting to receive unemployment benefits.

And yet Governor Inslee wants to “reward” government bureaucrats?

The Inslee order to stop the 5,600 government employee pay raises is estimated to save $55 million. Yet according to the Seattle Times, if he had cancelled ALL government employee pay raises, he could have saved $800 million. (Read more here.)

It’s time for a change in Olympia. It’s time to demand accountability for irresponsible decisions. It’s time for new leadership.


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