• John Ley

Promises to fund Camas Slough Bridge were broken

Incumbent Ann Rivers told citizens it was the hardest vote she had ever taken – raising our gas taxes. But she promised to deliver needed repairs and expansions to roads and bridges if we paid the taxes.

At 49.4 cents per gallon, the Washington gas tax became the second highest in the nation.

Among the promised projects, was $25 million to replace the 2-lane Camas Slough bridge. It has no shoulders and is poorly lit at night. It’s on a state highway, and would benefit residents and businesses in Camas and Washougal.

After raising our gas taxes, Rivers secretly met with the Camas and Washougal Mayors, and then gave the $25 million to Vancouver. There were no town halls; no opportunity for the citizens who pay the taxes to give input.

Vancouver has nearly $90 million in gas tax money waiting to be spent on the 7-lane wide Mill Plain, I-5 interchange. They could have easily used some of those funds for their east Vancouver project. Instead, they failed to address the legitimate safety issues on state highway 14 at the Camas Slough bridge.

Today Camas is asking for $35 million – a 40% increase, to pay to replace the Camas Slough bridge. We’ve already PAID for this once. Incumbent Ann Rivers wants us to pay a second time!


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