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Property Taxes and Broken Promises

Many Clark County citizens took advantage of the 5 week delay Clark County Treasurer Alisha Topper offered home owners. Today I’m paying my property taxes, like many of you. As I review my invoice, 65 percent of my taxes are going to schools.

Washington state citizens were PROMISED a “significant” property tax reduction. The incumbent crafted the final McCleary “solution”, promising long term property tax relief and a 30 percent rebate in 2019.

Here’s the chart she trotted around to multiple citizen town halls, showing you how much your property taxes would come down.

You can see that for Hockinson and Battle Ground, and the Evergreen school districts, the reduction from about $6 per thousand to $4.20 is close to a 30% drop in taxes you were “promised” by the incumbent.

She made those promises because she was one of four legislators who crafted the final McClearey “solution”. She promised she would fix education funding without raising your taxes!

She promised property owners: “they’re going to see it go down, dramatically. The $1.50 is the worst case scenario,” she said to a gathering of republican activists. The $1.50 was the “maximum” your local district levy could be.

Instead we got a tax increase and it’s hurting local families, especially seniors on fixed incomes.

In fact, at a January town hall at the Port of Camas Washougal, the incumbent told 18th District voters: “the most seniors who lost homes was in Camas, because they can no longer afford to pay their taxes.”

She admitted that 90% of her “solution” had been demolished.

If you believe in accountability, vote for John Ley. If you can’t afford ever increasing property taxes, vote for John Ley. If you want someone who will fight FOR you and to reduce your tax burden, vote for John Ley.


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