• John Ley

Protecting YOUR Transportation Dollars

Southwest Washingtonians don’t need a resurrection of the Columbia River Crossing boondoggle that incumbent Ann Rivers supports. Recall that an Oregon Supreme Court Justice correctly labeled the CRC “a light rail project in search of a bridge”.

What the people need and want, is traffic congestion relief. That mean more bridges and transportation corridors. That means more lanes on existing roads and corridors too.

Over 310,000 vehicles were crossing the Columbia River using the Interstate Bridge and the Glen Jackson Bridge, before the COVID-19 pandemic and government shutdown of our economy.

In 2008, our Regional Transportation Council identified the need for two new bridges and transportation corridors across the Columbia River – one west of I-5 and one east of I-205. They provided two options for each new transportation corridor. Sadly, nothing has been done to act on those identified needs over a decade later.

The recent PEMCO transportation survey revealed that 94 percent of people prefer to use their cars. And that was before COVID-19 proved mass transit was easy way to spread disease.

On an average day, only 1,422 people used any of the seven CTran express bus lines into Portland. That’s a rounding error of the 310,000 vehicles crossing the river. The people want traffic congestion relief. I’ll fight for what the people want, not for the resurrection of the CRC, as the incumbent is doing.


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