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Rivers Campaign Makes Threats in Vulgarity-Laced Late Night Text Storm

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

This weekend as we celebrated our nation’s independence, I received some extremely troubling texts from the campaign of our incumbent Senator Ann Rivers, and more specifically, the Senator’s husband Fred Rivers. In those texts, Rivers unleashes a vulgarity filled text storm tirade that appears completely unhinged. The extremely foul and offensive language includes a direct threat against me, first her constituent, and now her political opponent.

I was truly disturbed by what I read. The text storm began Friday morning at 8:55 AM. It intensified Friday night at 10:57 PM and spiraled out of control until after midnight. I did not respond. I waited, wanting calmer heads to prevail.

Sunday morning at 7:30 AM I sent a text to Senator Rivers. She responded at 7:46 AM. She denied all knowledge of the incident, and demanded that I never contact her again. You can read the entire exchange in the story posted at

The late-night rant by the Senator’s husband threatened to weaponize emails and communications I had with Senator Rivers while I was her constituent and she was my elected representative. Rivers says the Senator voted to keep those emails and communications secret in an effort to protect me (and other constituents). Yet now, he threatens to release those communications to the public, in some jaded perception that they may harm me or my campaign.

The language he uses is vulgar, offensive and completely inappropriate. His veiled threats are truly shocking, as he indicates that he has access to those communications and will publicize them. How does the husband of a sitting Senator have access to the Senator’s constituent emails and communications? One would think that Senate ethics rules govern conduct concerning constituent communications, and would most certainly prohibit the publication of them for POLITICAL purposes.

The entire text storm can be viewed at the bottom of this article.

The Rivers campaign apparently believes I fear a discussion about a decade long battle I had with an out of control state agency. I don’t.

My nightmare battle against a State bureaucracy called the Department of Financial Institutions or DFI, began in 2007 and finally ended this year. 13 years later. Bottom line: I WON! A Clark County Superior Court Judge completely exonerated me. He threw out the $50,000 fine levied against me. Finally, a judge ended what had been a baseless prosecution for offering investment opportunities as part of a company I built and managed in 2006.

No citizen should have to go through the hell I endured for over a decade. No citizen should have their elected representative initially agree to help them, but then ABANDON them when they actually needed help the most. Government is supposed to SERVE the people. Our elected representatives are supposed to SERVE the people. But Senator Ann Rivers didn’t serve this constituent. Instead, she abandoned me.

In the end, I had to fight without a lawyer during an initial 7 day “hearing”. It turned out to be a kangaroo court. Ultimately upon appeal, a Clark County Superior Court Judge stated the following:

“The court is not aware of any injured parties, whereas DFI is enforcing the statute as a general public policy obligation.”
“There is insufficient evidence in the record to support Findings by the ALJ and the OAH and as such they erred as matter of law finding that Ley violated WSSA by recklessly selling Life Settlement products.”
“Therefore, the decision of the ALJ and OAH which affirmed DFI’s statement of charges is REVERSED and remanded to vacate the sanction.”

You can read the Judge's Order in its entirety HERE.

No injured parties. None of my clients complained about anything related to my presentation of the business opportunity. The only witnesses the government had were two government bureaucrats. I had five clients who testified that I was extremely truthful and was not misleading.

But I went through hell fighting these baseless charges. Senator Rivers told me that upon her having a meeting with State officials in an attempt to advocate for my fight, she was “treated as poorly as she has ever been treated in Olympia”. And only months later, I experienced the abrupt termination of Senator Rivers’ advocacy altogether.

As your Senator, I WILL stand up for what is right. I WILL stand up for you! I will NEVER abandon you. I have fought and won against an out of control, abusive government agency. No citizen should have to endure what I went through. It’s one of the reasons I want to represent you in Olympia – to fight for the we the people, not for out of control government bureaucracy. I want to serve you!

You, the citizens of the 18th District now have a choice to make. The incumbent’s husband is threatening to use communications to a sitting State Senator as a political weapon. He somehow has access to the incumbent’s official communications- and is willing to weaponize them for political purposes on behalf of his wife and her campaign.

Is this the type of representation you want? Is this conduct acceptable? Are the words and the threats being cast by the Rivers campaign offensive to you? It is to me. And it will not stand.

Find out more about my fight for constituent advocacy at

You can say “no more” to an elected representative who may refuse to represent you and your interests. You can demand a change, and vote for a proven fighter who wins in the end against an out of control government bureaucracy. I ask for your vote on August 4.



Monday, June 29

Fred Rivers:

“Noticed one of your signs down in Washougal. I fixed it.”

John Ley:

“Thank you!  I appreciate your effort and friendship.  😃👍

Fred Rivers:

10-4. From what I see driving around "sign etiquette" very good this year.  Normal yard sign attrition/loss which is to be expected and only a few repair jobs so far.

Friday, July 3rd

Fred Rivers- 8:55 am:

John, I have been thinking about your "Friend" remark.  A friend would not Lie about his property taxes going down in 2019 and then up in 2020 after the Lisa Wellman bill and your assessment increasing $200k and blame it on my wife. A friend would not ardently defend Annie's gas tax vote at the time and then throw her under the bus when it suits your needs.  My friends unlike yours are not people who call people faggots, cunts in the internet and stalk little girls.  In regards to fixing signs. I have and always will fix ANY sign I come across that is down upholding the commitment we make every campaign season. So in short don't count me among your friends. I know who you are.

Fred Rivers – 10:57 PM.

So Annie votes with the majority 41-7 to protect YOU with your LIFE INSURANCE SCAM under a corporation registered in Nevada and now you ARE the moral compass??? How can you represent the people of the 18TH district when you won't be a citizen of washington??? You are Lying John Ley. FUCKING POS. So when all the emails, phone calls, and text messages to her begging for you to help you become public ether? You better be careful what you ask for. I always thought you where a good man.  I am so disappointed in you.

Fred Rivers – 11:19 PM.

You have surrounded yourself with bad people and are drinking the kool aid I hope your 6 week moment in the sun hanging with faggot,cunt spewing losers, pedofe enablers is worth it. At the end of the day that will be your legacy. I hope you think It's worth it!!!! When you lose you and you will, you will be an island all by yourself. GOOD LUCK LYING JOHN LEY!!

Fred Rivers – 11:27 PM.

And I taught Liz to make pasty's you POS

Fred Rivers – 11:37 PM.

Dan Clark, Theresa Emerson, Loren Culp, Glenn Kincaid, Earl Bowerman, You are the people you hang with. Cunt spewing, fagot spewing, pedofile enablers. Look in that is who you are!!!!

Fred Rivers – 11:39 PM.


Fred Rivers – 11:45 PM.

I HOPE YOUR 15 MINUTES of FB FAME IS WORTH IT..time will tell. In the end you will be isolated and alone...Like Micheal Corlean at the end of God Father part 2

Fred Rivers – 11:46 PM.

Oh don't forget this

Fred Rivers – 11:47 PM.

We have screen shots of everything

Fred Rivers – 11:50 PM.

Good luck at the forum next week - LYING JOHN LEY

Fred Rivers – 12:14 AM.

Not surprised you have no response because everything I have expressed is the true 

Saturday, July 4

John Ley - 7:30 AM.


Are you aware of what Fred said to me?

Do you share those thoughts?

Is this the type of campaign we're engaged in?


Ann Rivers - 7:30 AM.

I have no idea what you're talking about.

Whatever you and Fred got going on is your business. I don't want to be in it.

Please don't contact me again.


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