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Rivers Exposed on the Lars Larson Show

Incumbent Senator Ann Rivers' trail of campaign corruption exploded again today on the nationally syndicated Lars Larson Show, broadcast daily here in SW Washington on 101-KXL.

First, a profanity filled late night text storm threatening to use private communications against a constituent and political opponent.

Next, accusations of bribery and extortion are being investigated by the Public Disclosure Commission and a Senate Ethics Committee.

And finally, If you ever wanted to see exactly how incumbent politicians work together to shake down citizens for money, here it is.

But today in the 2:00 hour, Lars heard it from the horse's mouth- as Eric Temple, the president and CEO of Portland-Vancouver Junction Railroad (PVJR), which operates the county-owner Chelatchie Prairie Rail Line, gave his first person account of being shaken down by incumbent politicians. Watch the segment in the video below.

This must stop NOW!

Honesty, transparency, and integrity have NEVER been more important than today.

With your vote and support, I will fight tirelessly to return those core values to the 18th LD Senate seat from which they've disappeared.

Ley is the Key!


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