• John Ley

WA Unemployment Scam Update

We now know that the Washington State Employment Security Division failed to

protect the citizens money. Supposedly nearly $1 Billion of your money was

stolen by Nigerian scam artists. Unbelievably, Gov. Inslee’s administration ignored

several “red flags” that warned about problems.

I have recently learned that Attorney General Bob Ferguson shut down a “cyber crime” unit. It was established by former AG Christine Gregoire and continued by

AG Rob McKenna. Yet Gov. Inslee let AG Bob Ferguson shut it down. That’s

indefensible. It sets out the “welcome mat” for cyber criminals to attack our state

and our state’s businesses.

We need to hold Gov. Inslee and AG Ferguson accountable for this failure in

leadership; this failure to protect your money and unemployment benefits.

With the loss of up to $1 Billion of your dollars, you need to understand another

aspect of this egregious situation. Washington will likely have to go to the federal

government and BORROW money in order to pay our citizens unemployment


New York has borrowed $1.1 Billion so far. California has borrowed $1.4 Billion,

with potentially tens of billions more to be borrowed in the near future. In Texas,

they’re expecting to borrow nearly $6 billion in the next 3 months to cover

unemployment shortfalls.

Because your state government let its guard down, after spending roughly $46

million to upgrade their Employment Security Division system, they failed you.

You’re now paying the price for their failure, as earned benefits are delayed. You

will pay even more because the state will have to borrow money and pay it back

with interest from your tax dollars.

We need accountability for this unbelievable failure to protect your money. We

need legitimate oversight.

Governor Inslee and Attorney General Bob Ferguson may not think protecting our

state from cyber criminals is important, but be assured I do. If the state can’t be

trusted to protect your unemployment money, what else can’t they be trusted



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