• John Ley

We're All In This Together?

At a time when over one million Washington citizens are unemployed. At a time when the Washington state unemployment fund is about to run out of money. At a time when huge numbers of small businesses are wondering if they will survive. Washington state government employees are scheduled to get a 3% pay raise.

The Governor shut down our state’s economy in March, with his “Stay home, stay safe” order. Experts are predicting a $4-5 billion hole in the state’s budget, and that’s using money from the state’s rainy-day fund. The Governor MUST cut spending NOW. He can start by canceling the coming July 1st 3% pay raise for state employees. He needs to reopen government employee contracts, seeking further reductions in employee costs.

Local families have been suffering for the past two months. One out of three Washington workers has filed for unemployment. If we’re all in this together as the Governor says, then government employees need to sacrifice as well. The California Governor addresses his state’s budget shortfall by demanding a 10% across the board state employee pay cut. He’s going to renegotiate state employee contracts.

If we truly are all in this together, it must include shared sacrifice by government workers. Local families are hurting. Over one million have seen their pay eliminated. We can get through this crisis by safely reopening our state. But for now, we must address the realities and have everyone, including state workers, contribute. Government employees profiting from the crisis is so wrong, especially when an unprecedented number of Washington families are hurting.


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